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  • Betrayal Trauma/ Partners of Sex Addicts

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    Discovering that you have been betrayed in Love is painful and feels like a punch in the gut. Partners often will ask “When will I begin to feel better” and “How do I move forward”. I will help you through this and will work with you on a recovery plan and provide you with tools to help you move forward. I will help you establish your voice in your relationship, implement healthy boundaries, create a safety plan both sexually and physically and learn how to protect your heart.

    There are stages of recovery that you will go through:

    • Pre-discovery
    • Shock
    • Crisis and Information gathering
    • Anger, Grief and Acceptance
    • Repair
    • Growth

    Some of the most common symptoms of betrayal trauma are:

    • Feelings of anger, doubt and mistrust toward your partner and even yourself
    • Anger and shame that you are having these feelings and feeling embarrassed that you are not managing this issue better
    • Emotional swings between wanting to leave and wanting to work on the relationship
    • Wondering if you are crazy because you want to believe your partner has not betrayed you because they have been telling you this
    • Periods of feeling anger that comes out of nowhere

    These feelings are normal and whether this crisis means the end of the relationship or turns into a new beginning, you may feel that you should not have to be in therapy for something that you did not do. While this may make sense to you now, therapeutic support is often an important step toward emotional healing.

    I am trained to use a multi- dimensional trauma model specifically developed for betrayal and infidelity trauma. I understand that you are hurt, numb, angry and may not be sure how to deal with your pain. This is not your fault. I can help you.