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  • Individual Therapy

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    I am happy to welcome you to my safe and comfortable office to hear your story and to help you work through the issues and problems you are experiencing. We will work together in a collaborative approach to create the life you wish to live and to learn how to be more engaged and present in your relationships.

    Individual Therapy
    Initial Therapy and Individual Sessions last for a 50-minute period. Extended 90-minute sessions are available upon request at a prorated cost.

    Common issues that I treat are:

    • Porn Addiction
    • Intimate infidelity
    • Compulsive sexual behavior
    • Online affairs
    • Affair Recovery
    • Relationship disturbance
    • Communication skills
    • Boundaries (personal and sexual)
    • Accountability and honesty
    • Trust building
    • Co-occurring addiction (substance and process)
    • Trauma (related to sexual compulsive behavior)

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